Development of Bounty Campaigns

Vitor Services specializes in launching professional development of bounty campaigns that help maximize the dissemination of information about your project. The purpose of the bounty program is to achieve the maximum mention of your project in a variety of resources and increase the recognition of the project among the community.

The Bounty program creation and management service include:

■ Creating the structure and rules of the bounty campaign;

■ Advertising Bounty campaigns for 5K-7K Bounty hunters;

■ Design and theme creation for the bounty program at;

■ Moderation and management of Bounty until the end of the company;

■ Creation of signatures for the Bitcointalk signatures campaign;

■ Creation of registration forms;

■ Support/answers to questions in a separate Telegram chat for bounty hunters;

■ Verification of completed tasks and calculation of rewards;

■ Checking member accounts for fake or bot subscribers;

■ Screening of participants who improperly perform tasks;


What will be included in the bounty program:

■ BitcoinTalk subscription company (+ signature design for all ranks on the forum);

■ Transfers;

■ Social networks (Facebook, Twitter);

■ Additional social networks (Instagram, Linkedin);

■ Youtube campaign;

■ Articles, blog entries;

■ Reddit;


■ Telegram.


We have vast experience in creating and promoting effective Bounty campaigns. Please contact us to discuss your project!