Marketing Tools for Launching ICO/IEO

It is not a good idea to start an initial coin offering (ICO) before or during the campaign without a well-planned marketing strategy. Your public image for creating an ICO project is crucial.

Successful Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Security Token Offering (STO), and Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) marketing campaigns rely on fusing conventional marketing and PR. To be effective, the ICO / STO / IEO marketing campaign needs to put forth a fully harmonized and collaborative effort.

These tips will help you plan and execute the best ICO / STO / IEO marketing campaign.

1. Detailed Whitepaper

Your WP should contain the following paragraphs:

  • Your Project. Why does the world need it? Does it help someone? In what way?
  • Problem. Shift the focus from crowdfunding to problem-solving.
  • Solution. How can your project solve existing problems? How do investors benefit from it? What can be changed in the industry?
  • Uniqueness and State of Market.
  • Product. Describe what the product currently looks like at the time.
  • Tokens Economy and Demand. Describe the financial model, funding strategies.
  • The Team. Introduce the key leaders, their education, and experience.
  • Investment. How much money you plan to bring and how many tokens to release.

2. Website or landing page for ICO marketing

Figure the current state of the market, determine your main competitors and how they promote their campaigns; do a SWOT analysis to increase your odds of reaching your goals. Consider these key steps when making a website:

  • Determining the target audience.
  • Market validation.
  • Introducing a product.
  • Introducing a startup.
  • Spreading the brand.

3. Investor personal cabinet for the reception of cryptocurrencies

PC is crucial for both ICO investors and owners of ICO. This allows investors to keep track of each cryptocurrency in real-time and guarantees transparency.

4. Outreach your investors and media

Share the ICO campaign with the media and carry out promotions for email marketing to motivate as many people as possible to invest.

Vitor Services makes dozens ofposts and comments at relevant crypto SubReddits.

5. Creating a good initial coin offering checklist

A good checklist should cover each step of how you market your ICO in a logical order so that it helps you build and implement your marketing strategy from the ground up.

  1. Make sure you have a great idea and a product to match

Ask yourself what is the need for such a project, how big the market is and is your solution the best answer?

2. Make sure you have a great team

Having a great team in place is just as important as for developing your project.

3. Outline a basic marketing plan and start building on it

6. Start the ball rolling

Good marketing is all about generating a ’buzz‘ about your product. Since the ICO investment community is digitally minded you need to focus your strategy towards the internet.

Vitor Services provides daily posts in all social media​. It is best to make content for months ahead and follow it so that there were no gaps in posting. We make posts inside 7 main social media accounts: Facebook, Steemit, Medium, Twitter, Linkedin company page, Telegram news channel, and Reddit.

7. Kick everything into full gear — growth hack your ico

The next step in your ICO marketing plan should begin about a month or two before the actual ICO launch. It‘s time to generate the buzz that is going to make your ICO a huge success. Good Forums for ICO marketing:

Vitor Services provides you with hundreds of comments and questions at the project’s forum thread.

8. Incorporating a bounty program

A bounty program is one marketing channel that is proving to be an effective part of any ICO/STO marketing strategy. Structured as an incentive-based rewards methodology, bounty programs provide compensation and incentives that can be used to attract investors and other stakeholders to your ICO/STO.

If you decide to launch a bounty program, apply to Vitor Services. We will do it from scratch.

9. Answer all queries quickly and professionally

One part of a great marketing strategy that is repeatedly overlooked is customer service. Making sure that you answer queries quickly and thoroughly can be a make or break thing.

Vitor Services is a marketing and PR agency delivering turnkey solutions for successful STO/ICO promotion. Currently, we have already helped with preparation and marketing of 80+ ICO projects. Vitor Services ensures your success, providing you with community management and support, as well as the necessary set of tools, including attracting members in Telegram group and increasing their activity, Reddit promotion, hidden marketing, and so on.

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