Creation and promotion of Airdrop campaign

An airdrop campaign is a reward for community members for completing simple tasks, such as joining a telegram group or channel of your project, subscribing to social networks, or registering on a site. The reward for such actions usually varies from $1 to $50 in project tokens. Its size depends on the stage of the project (ICO/Post ICO), the number and complexity of tasks.


Our team will do the creation of Airdrop campaign for your project in 3-5 days. What is included in the service?


  • Creation of Telegram bot for conducting the Airdrop program;
  • A referral program to maximize the attraction and advertising of an airdropping company;
  • Protection from bots to filter the audience;
  • The ability to send a message to all participants of the airdrop company;
  • Placement of Airdrop campaigns on more than 30 specialized sites;
  • Check registrations and entries via the API;
  • Support for Airdrop campaigns to completion;