How To Promote An ICO?

Building an initial community with a whitelist
A successful whitelisting campaign will build an initial community of members who are interested in your project. Building a whitelist facilitates engagement, builds an email list, strengthens social channels, generates awareness and creates urgency around your ICO.

What is a whitelist?
A whitelist is ‘an exclusive list’ of potential contributors who have expressed explicit interest in an ICO by sharing some of their personal information in exchange for being the first to have an opportunity to contribute. This means that the whitelist contributors will have the greatest chance receive tier 1 bonuses.

How to create an ICO whitelist?
This can be carried out on a first come, first serve basis — As people sign up to the list, they receive a chronological position in the whitelist, so that when it is full, no more whitelist applications will be registered.

Alternatively, a ‘Proof-Of-Caring’ stake can be used — Your position in the queue is determined by proof of your contributions to the community. Meaning that position 1 has made the most contributions and so on, in descending order.

This means that when the whitelist is full, there is still an opportunity to ‘earn’ a position on the whitelist by making community contributions, such as:

Referrals to the whitelist
Social Posts/Shares
Posts in groups and forums
Reviews (Video/blogs)
Github contributions
Guest posts on blogs

Get in touch if you want to learn more about whitelisting tactics and referrals to your ICO.

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