Why will your startup die without a community?

“It costs 80% more to gain a new customer than to retain one”

Community is extremely important for any crypto project. A strong and supportive community is able to bring a project a tremendous success. And likewise perfect ideas will die without the community promotion. So, the first step you should take to create a community is to find your brand audience.

Why a project needs a community?

At first, let’s clarify what community is. The most common definition of this word is ‘the condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common’.

This means that a project’s community firstly serves the people and then it serves the business. And there are many reasons to join communities–to give and get questions, to share the experience, to explore other goods and brands, but what is more important–to find and communicate with people with the same interests.

What does it mean for business? When a person owns a token or anything else related to the project–he wants this project to be successful. So, a community starts to promote the project if they really believe in the product.

Why will a project die without a community?

We have already told you that the community is one of the most important parts of the project. But what would be with your project if you didn’t manage to create a large and supportive community? Let’s see:

  • Funds do not invest in your project as a lack of community means that people found the reasons not to support your project.
  • Traders do not use your tokens because they do not believe in its growth.
  • Exchanges delist your tokens not to destroy their reputation.
  • Private investors do not trust you as there is no trust in your project.
  • No support and protection because it is the community’s role but you have no community.
  • No income and client base as no one knows about your project and no one shares his/her experience.
  • Dingy reputation and reviews as you do not get support from your community.
  • Lack of advertisement and promotion because nobody shares his/her opinion about your project.

Do you want to make sure that community brings money?

Startups typically need 3–6 months to raise $500k, and they must have working business models, products as we as they have to meet up with investors. But blockchain is something special. Many projects were able to raise $50M in a matter of seconds.

Community helps in different ways. They can just promote your project creating videos or articles, describing and sharing their experience. But what is more important is to understand how to turn your community to your clients. Some projects create different activities where they reward their community for using their products and services, other projects create different discounts and loyalty programs for community members. And a strong and supportive community is able to spend much more on your goods than other internet users.

What will you get with the help of community?

There are even more advantages of creating the community than just of increasing the profit. Let’s look on just a part of the benefits:

  1. Content. Community asks questions you may answer as well as community offers you ideas to post.
  2. Free promotion. Community shares the experience and advises friends or family to use your goods or services.
  3. Traffic. Community follows your social media to get all the news that increases the traffic to your website and social media.
  4. Resources. Community helps you to find ways to promote and develop your project.
  5. Advice, critics, new options, ideas.
  6. You get support when you need it or when you meet difficulties.

How to create a strong and supportive community?

Crypto projects are fully driven by the online world. Without an online community, they wouldn’t be able to get their expand their network.

In order to be visible, you need to combine all online efforts. You should analyze all your targeted audience, its interests, problems, wishes, and so on. Then you need to analyze all the tags they use to find you and all the topics they want to read. And then you need to start creating the content, answer all the comments and questions you get in all your social media, coordinate all the chats with the discussion of the platform…

And there is one more option! You can go on doing your business or fundraising and delegate the creation of a strong and supportive community as well as community management to Vitor Services.

What do you need for it?

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Let’s summarize…

A community plays a key role in the promotion and expansion of your project. If your community member post or ask anything about your product in social media it means that he/she is already a part of your community. The global community is necessary for mass adoption and recognition.

Let’s create a healthy and loyal enthusiast base for your project with Vitor Services.

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