What’s the Best ICO Marketing Strategy?

Be active. Do not hide. Show that you are real, show your activeness.

  • Social Media
  • PR

Create a conversion funnel, an investor does not convert from a single click. Be patient, strategic and constant with your updates.

  • Email Marketing
  • Paid promotion

It is all about analytics. Collect the data. Analyze. Choose the best!

It is crucial to track and optimize all the aspects of your digital marketing efforts.

  • Where do they start their journey on their way to invest?
  • Where do they stop?
  • What information motivates them to click?

By analyzing the entire process, you will find your best way for marketing your ICO.

Developing an effective ICO marketing strategy is challenging and consumes lots of time. This is why a lot of startups will seek the professional help from specialised ICO marketing agencies.

ICO Marketing Strategy — Tips & Concluding Points

Some of the core points to remember when marketing an ICO are

  • ICO landing pages need to stand out and tell investors why they should be investing (e.g expected industry growth).
  • ICO white paper is generally the second encounter (after the landing page) an investor has with your ICO. It needs to explain the ICO, the team, the roadmap goals and how you will achieve them.
  • ICO listing sites are an easy way to get more eyes on your project.
  • What problem is your ICO solving? Tell your story to potential investors early on and remember, ICO’s need to create great products or services in order to stand out.
  • Generate highest possible levels of trust. This can be done through your team. Include photos, videos and social links, which prove to investors there are real people behind this project.

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