Advertising through opinion leaders is very popular among brands and large cryptocurrency projects. Opinion leaders have a great deal of credibility with their audience. Therefore, this type of advertising is the fastest and most effective type of advertising for any project.

We work with 20+ crypto bloggers on Youtube. All of them are ready to tell their audience about your project. The number of subscribers is over 200,000.

Why do we find this marketing strategy so useful?

  • Potential investors trust opinion leaders. If a crypto blogger talks about your startup, then it is reliable, profitable, and competitive!
  • When a project is mentioned in the media during various conferences and meetings, it becomes one of the most suitable and visible investment solutions.
  • With the help of opinion leaders, you don’t need a lot of PR and promotion. Your launch of the project will receive an excellent impetus for promotion at no additional cost.

Our team of experts is ready to promote your project among the most influential opinion leaders. We are familiar with specialists whose point of view is highly regarded in the crypto world. They will mention your brand in their platforms and resources, thereby convincing people to buy your products or invest in them.

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