Increasing KICK token price by 241% within 2 weeks

KickEX – Youtube Reviews Success Case

What’s KickEX? 

KickEX is a fully licensed, next-gen crypto exchange. In August 2020, the project had a buyback token campaign.
They reached out to us to advertise the event through influencer YouTube.

What have we done?
  1. We selected a list of bloggers for maximum efficiency;
  2. Agreed on placement;
  3. Prescribed a complete technical task to achieve the maximum ROI from each video;
  4. Engaged in supporting bloggers, answering all their questions;
  5. Approved every video with a client;
  6. Released 25 video reviews in 2 weeks;
  7. Received 100K + targeted video views;
What result have we achieved?

As a result of the advertising campaign, the price of the Kick token increased by 231%. Influencers started releasing videos on 11 August. You can view historical data by the link – Coinmarketcap

KickEX feedback about our work:

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