Registration on 100 ICO Trackers/Calendars

Price for ICO marketing is getting higher every month. Now there are over 9000 ICO projects — all of them want to reach the hard cap.

This service allows you to have on a daily basis from 200 to 500 ico investors (unique clicks — visitors) on your web absolutely for FREE. You won’t have to pay for them — ico trackers (listings) will bring investors for free.

We add you project at icobench, trackico, icomarks and other 100 ICO trackers worldwide — Asian, US and European.

Your project will not only be added there but also you will be able to track the result. It means that you or your marketing managers will be able to see clicks from each and every tracker and then decide whether you want to increase traffic from any platform using its paid options or promotion. If you don’t control stats, you can not influence on it, right?

How do we do that? We ask your team to fill form. Once it is filled — we will start submitting your project. We will add personal UTM lable (UTM tag) to the link of your web in every tracker so that you could track traffic from each of them via google analytics.

It takes from 5 to business 10 days to make the work DONE.