Reddit - Activity in Subreddit and Advertising in Crypto Subreddits

Why do you need this service?

  1. Pools and investors pay attention to the activity of your subreddit, if there is none, then an investor puts a fat minus to the project.
  2. Exchanges might refuse to place a token if your subreddit is inactive.
  3. You get less profit. Some of our clients receive more than 1000 visits from reddit weekly!
  4. Reddit.com is visited by more than 1,600,000,000 people. He ranks 21 in the world in attendance.
  5. Traders and investors call reddit the # 1 source for the convenience of tracking news in the crypto currency market and finding new promising projects.
  6. The total number of subscribers of all crypto sabreddit is 1.5 million users. Many of them will see information about you.
  7. Many high traffic sites copy news from reddit. For example, cryptopanic.com with attendance of 940 thousand users per month.

Activity in Project Subreddit/User:

  • 150 Up’s + 50 comments on posts;
  • 300 Up’s + 100 comments on posts;
  • 600 Up’s + 200 comments on posts.

Promotion in Crypto Subreddits:

  • 100 posts;
  • 200 posts;
  • 400 posts.