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Market-Making in the Digital Asset Market
Listing on Exchanges

Market-Making in the Digital Asset Market

Market-making can act to achieve the following goals:

  1. Сreating of circulation (the Market-maker trader, artificially increasing the circulation by simulating the activity on the chart)
  2. Change Issuer tokens to the equivalent of btc.
  3. Creating an uptrend. (The Issuer token will grow up)


To achieve the goals of the market, the maker needs the following starting resources: 1-2btc (depends on the number of exchanges),and tokens in the equivalent of 50-100k$ (excluding the cost of listing on the exchange)

The Market Maker can request tokens from the Issuer if they are depleted.

Further investment of resources in the equivalent of btc is required only for pumps.

Risk / reward:

The activities of a market maker can be associated with risks only in one case – the presence of large uncontrolled tokens (purchased on ico or obtained through the bounty program).

If the Market maker is the only major seller in the market and the Issuer controls the issue completely, then the market maker implements its strategies without risks.

The strategy is chosen from the Issuer’s intentions and can be of two types:

In the event that the Issuer’s interests are to sell the tokens at any price and to receive as much revenue as possible. The market maker only sells tokens, then the price will fall, a downward trend is created on the chart. Such activity has the potential of reward (making) from 3 btc per month or more, depending on the liquidity of the exchange.

If the Issuer’s interests are the growth of the token price, the market implements a strategy to create a long-term upward trend (positive expectation of the chart in the context of the year). Such activity has a reward potential from 3 btc to 6 btc in 38 days, depending on the liquidity of the exchange and their number.

Cost of market-making services:

From 1500 USD per month (depends on the number of exchanges and pairs) +15% of the tokens sold.

The first exchange for listing offer – Livecoin (our traders have excellent experience on that EX and there are a lot of interesting contests for traders) cost of the listing with our agreements is 5btc, listing time is about a week, we can also discuss about other exchanges.

If the token is already listed on any other exchange, after our analysis we will give an answer, whether we can show the result or not.

Listing on Exchanges

We work directly with major Asian crypto exchanges, and ensure that all technical requirements are taken care, and a seamless listing process is carried out.

We collaborate with all prominent crypto exchanges.

We take payment only after a contract with the exchange.
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