Bounty Development & Advertising​

  • Creating of a structure of bounty campaign based on projects tokens allocation for bounty;
  • Design and create bounty thread on Bitcointalk;
  • Moderate bounty thread till the end of campaign;
  • Creating of signatures for Bitcointalk bounty campaign;
  • Creating of registration forms;
  • Support of bounty participants community in separate telegram chat;
  • Tally and count the shares/reposts/likes, etc and keep a record in a spreadsheet;
  • Verify these records to be true/fake;
  • Calculate total stake value, and award coins accordingly in the chart;
  • Deliver the table with names, addresses and number of tokens that should be awarded to client;
  • Bounty campaigns: ■ BitcoinTalk signature campaign (+ included design of signature for all ranks); ■ Translation campaign; ■ Social media campaign (facebook, twitter); ■ Extended social media campaign (instagram, linkedin, google+); ■ Youtube campaign; ■ Article/blog campaign; ■ Reddit campaign; ■ Medium campaign; ■ Telegram airdrop.

Airdrop Development & Advertising​

  • Automated airdrop for the project via Telegram bot;
  • Bot rewards users by tokens for joining the ICO Telegram group, for email validation and for friends inviting to do the same;
  • Promotion airdrop in Telegram Channels and Airdrop Lists